Thursday, September 11, 2008


GSR 2008

Near perfect conditions and ran 1.36,35 which was a couple of minutes faster than I thought I could go. In fact a PB by almost 3 minutes! It was good starting in the White section. The faster runners really pull you along and I ran the first 10 miles quicker than I would have normally. The race went past really quickly. The first 2 miles were a bit tough but it was fairly easy until the last mile where I struggled a bit. I looked really tired in the "Marathon-Photos" images! Check out this website for some more good pics.

1st 2 miles in 15' 30".
1st 8 miles in 59' 50".

Finished 757th out of 7054 finishers which was inside my target of top 1000.

This time is quite consistent with my Marathon PB of 3.23. It's common to say 1/2M x 2 + 10mins.

Should find out if I've got a London entry at the start of October. If not, then may do the Fling.

Well done Andy. Sorry I missed you.

BTW - did you get my whw t-shirt?

Don't bother with the London Marathon - just come and join us and run the Highland Fling!!!


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